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ISO error code

Where I can find ISO error code. Can you guys provide the link reference.

What are the Currency and Country Ukheshe offers the accounts.

Hi Team, I would like to know what are the support currency Ukheshe have and What are country Ukheshe can able to provide the account. Where we can find complete information related to this. For example In South Africa Ukheshe can provide all able to provide ZAR currency and all type of account based on KYC level. Thanks, Vishva

How we build our syson the platform...?

Lenot Institute of Tetch

Handling of recurring subscription payments

Hi. We are looking at the '/payments' api call endpoint to initiate a payment being made into an organisations specified wallet. Is it supported to setup a recurring payment (subscription)

Supported VAS

Hi Team, Can you please share the VAS services supported by Ukheshe. I checked with development environment and listed only few things **(Recharge, Airtime, Electricity)**. But several services are mentioned in the website as below. Is there any configurations need to add? <https://eclipse-java-sandbox.ukheshe.rocks/eclipse-conductor/rest/v1/tenants/{tenantId}/vas/catalogs> ![](https://files.readme.io/b0e6b64-image.png) Thanks

Error while Creating Digital Card

Hi Team, I tired to create a Debit card and am getting below the error. I can see the Institution name as **ZA_nedbank** under the tenant configurations. {"type":"SYSTEM","severity":"MEDIUM","description":"Property with name ptsInstitutionName not found","code":"PNF001","traceId":"f03ede3cb60547af494a4965d9a2ba64"} What are the configurations need to setup before creating the debit card wallets? Is there any sandbox card details to map with wallet? Thanks in advance!

Account Number not assigned to the wallet

How the Account Number assigned to the wallet. What is the purpose of account number parameter in the request while Creating the wallet

Supported Attributes for Wallet type

Hi, Please share the documentation link to go through the all configuration attributes of wallet type