Attachment Use Cases

Attachments are a very useful way to attach extra information about customers, organisation or wallets in the form of sticky notes, documents, images or just plain text. Eclipse supports a wide range of attachment types that can be attached using the following APIs:

Validating Attachments

In some scenarios a tenants would like to validate an attachment when it is created or updated - for example when attaching proof of compliance to a customer profile you want to confirm the content is valid.

This can be done using the following tenant configs:

  • customerAttachmentTypes - this defines the types of attachments allowed on the customer e.g. PEP_TYPE_DECLARATION_STATUS,PEP_TYPE,PEP_CATEGORY
  • organisationAttachmentTypes - this defines the types of attachments allowed on the organisation e.g. PEP_TYPE_DECLARATION_STATUS,PEP_TYPE,PEP_CATEGORY

In addition to this a regular expression can be applied to the particular attachment types to ensure that they are only valid if the attachment content matches the regular expression. This is defined in global property: public.jwt.protected.attachment.type.config