This section displays card-on-file (a customers personal debit/credit card).

Customer View

This page shows all active/inactive physical or virtual cards linked to the customer’s wallets (if the client have more than one wallet):


Wallet View

An admin user will be able to see any card linked to the associated wallet ID under this tab, you can view the card details (pack ID, date created, expiry date, etc), edit properties (change card status), reset pin, send pin to customer and view card status:


1. Payments

This is a list of payments made into the wallet, if a user clicks on a payment ID the system will provide more details regarding the payment received:


2. Card on File

This page displays the customer’s cards on file (debit/credit card). The customer do a top-up using these cards. Please note that the Masterpass gateway accepts any cards provided that the issuing bank authenticates via 3DS or AMT.


3. Audit Events

This provides a user with a list of audit events, giving all the details of a transaction/event on the associated wallet and wallet history:


4. Beneficary

A user will be able to view a customer’s list of beneficiaries on this screen, a user will also be able to add, edit and delete a beneficiary on this screen: