Eclipse can be deployed in many different forms. A common use case is where Eclipse is used as a Banking as a Service orchestration platform that allows banks to expose the capabilities enabled through their licensing (customer and business onboarding, bank account provisioning, payments, withdrawal, loans, VAS, etc.) in a single, simple API that can be consumed by 3rd parties or by the banks themselves. In this scenario Eclipse can be offered as a white label technology solution under the banks branding and tenant administration tasks can be carried out by the bank teams, e.g.:

  • Tenant onboarding
  • Tenant template, permissions and configuration management
  • Tenant review and promotion to production
  • Advanced fee configuration

This document is intended as a guide for any third parties using Eclipse as a white labelled Banking as a Service platform where that party will be carrying out administrative tasks on tenants. This should be read in conjuction with the Eclipse Integration Guide - any users operating Eclipse should have full knowledge of the API capabilities.