Support Process

This is the Ukheshe Support process and important contact details.

Incident Priority Matrix

P1 CriticalExtensive/WidespreadA critical system failure which has a material impact on the system to provide end-to-end client service
P2 MajorSignificant/LimitedWhere the system still remains active but the users are severely impacted
P3 MinorMinimal/NoneDay to day operational queries not meeting the definition of Critical or Major

Communication Response Timeframes

PriorityInitial ResponseUpdate Frequency
P1 CriticalOn inbound callEvery hour
P2 Major1 hourEvery 3 hours
P3 Minor1 business dayEvery 2 business days

Required Incident Information

To facilitate our investigation and to ensure a timely turnaround for our responses, please use the template below and provide the relevant information when logging support requests:

NB: It is imperative for Tenants responsible for Level 2 technical support, to investigate and provide all relevant technical information to help with our investigations.

Email Subject: Tenant Name - Short Incident Description - Customer ID/Surname

Customer ID: If applicable (This can be found on the Eclipse Portal under the relevant Tenant).

Wallet ID: If Applicable (This is linked to a customer's profile under the wallets tab on the Eclipse portal).

Date/Time: Date and Time indication of when the incident happened.

Bug Description:
Please detail the issue you're encountering. Explain what action you attempted and the outcome.

Expected Behavior:
Describe the expected behavior clearly and concisely.

Actual Behavior:
Describe the expected behavior clearly and concisely.

Reproduction Steps:
For API or code problems, provide a small reproducer such as curl commands, a Maven project, or similar. For front-end issues, list the exact steps needed to replicate the problem.

Additional Information:
Include any supplementary details or attachments like screenshots or screen recordings that may assist in resolving the issue.

When you send Ukheshe customer support an email, we will send you a confirmation of a new case reference with a unique tracking number. Please keep the subject line of the email intact. We will continue to update you as we engage all the necessary teams until a mutual resolution is reached. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM SHARING CLEAR CARD PAN’s/NUMBER’s

If you are experiencing a critical(P1) / major(P2) priority event impacting your ability to transact/process on the Eclipse platform, please contact Production Support on +27 10 449 1784

Day-to-day Operational Support

Monday to Friday – 08h00 to 17h00 (SAST), excl. public holidays
Email: [email protected]
Call: +27 10 449 1888

Operational support for day-to-day issues including customer support, portal management, tenant and general support inquiries.

24/7 Production Support

Email: [email protected]
Call: +27 10 449 1784

24/7 First line support for network related incidents, change and problem management inclusive of monitoring/alerting on the network infrastructure and real time transaction performance, with the intention to minimize outage and transactional impact during incidents

SME-IN-A-BOX Support

Email: [email protected]

Operational support for day-to-day issues on Eclipse SME-in-a-box solution. Eclipse SME-in-a-box is an embedded finance solution that provides merchants with the ability to manage all aspects of their business from digital onboarding and KYC, business registration, management of money, receiving of funds, and payment acceptance.


Email: [email protected]
Call: +27 10 449 1836

If no response/resolution received within the response/resolution time targets or if the customer believes the priority has not been correctly defined or critical system issues.

Dispute Management Support

Email: [email protected]

Any queries with regards to disputes by customers on Eclipse transactions. Note that the standard dispute process within the specific acquiring bank will remain the same.

Onboarding/Integrations & Testing Support

Email: [email protected]

Support for all new tenant integrations and setup, technical documentation, explanation & testing support of Eclipse products and solutions.


Email: [email protected]

Any complaints with regards to customer experience or support.


Email: [email protected]

Support for any marketing related queries, branding guides, logo’s etc.

Change Management SLA

Most of Eclipse API's production deployments/changes are executed without any system downtime or customer disruption. We ensure all changes are backward compatible for our customers. Zero-downtime deployments/changes occur during regular business hours from Monday to Thursday.

To maintain stability during peak times, we try to minimize deployments at month end, between the 25th and 3rd, on Fridays, or the day before a public holiday in South Africa.

Emergency deployments are based on the severity of a production incident and will be expedited after receiving the necessary approvals. When we anticipate any downtime or customer impact, we will notify our tenants/customers at least 5 days in advance of the deployment. Any scheduled downtimes will be planned during low-impact hours, between 11 PM and 4 AM SAST, to minimize potential customer disruption.