Crypto Use Cases

Eclipse has an open mechanism to add integrations to Crypto exchanges so as to allow tenants to have wallet types whose currency is a crypto currency such as BTC, ETH, USDC etc. Wallets created with these wallet types, have their store of value sitting on the blockchain, via the integrated exchange. Eclipse has a shadow ledger that shows all movements on the crypto wallet, but the actual value is in crypto (much like the actual value of a digital wallet sits in a pool bank account).


Crypto Use Case

Currently Eclipse is integrated to the VALR exchange in South Africa. Adding other exchanges can be done in about 2-4 weeks.

The goal of the crypto wallets is to provide a simple way for tenants customers to have crypto wallets and transfer from FIAT to Crypto and vice versa using the simple wallet transfer API. This allows a tenant to offer crypto without the customer needing to sign up themselves on an exchange and do KYC, link bank account to deposit on the exchange etc. Eclipse takes care of all of this so that buying crypto is as simple as buying airtime from a digital wallet.

NB: The Apple App store has very strict rules around the use of Crypto in Apps and any integrations that take place between the App and a Crypto exchange or intermediary. If one intends on offering Crypto on Apple Apps, please familiarise oneself with these rules and ensure that you comply. It is the responsibility of tenants to adhere to the rules of App stores that they publish apps into.