Configuring Retail Fees

Recovery of fees is an important aspect of any fintech proposition: what a tenant charges their customer can differentiate their services. Eclipse has a highly flexible fees engine that supports a range of fee options.

Self service simple fee configuration

Eclipse supports a range of simple to configure fees for all withdrawal, payment and top up services. Tenant configs related to fees that can be configured through the admin portal are:

fees.wallet.config.{Wdr|Pay}.{TransactionType} - this is the wallet ID where the fees should be collected

fees.amount.config.{Wdr|Pay}.{TransactionType} - this determines the fee logic

Self service fee logic covers:

  1. Fixed cost fee - e.g. 5A
  2. Fee based on % of base amount e.g 2P
  3. A combination of fixed cost + % fee e.g. 2A,0.3P

Fees can also be rounded UP, DOWN or Bankers Round (round half-even). To specify rounding, add| where Mode is D for down, U for up and B for Bankers. E.g. 2A,0.3P|2U would mean 2 + 0.3 percent rounded up to 2 decimal places.

These can be configured directly in the admin portal or with the assistance of the Ukheshe technical team. See the Tenant Config Reference, for full details of each fee configuration.

Advanced fee configuration

In addition to this, custom fee models can be configured including:

  • tiered models
  • Inter tenant and cross tenant transfers dependent on wallet types – e.g. a tenant want to charge to transfer from digital to card wallets, but not from digital to digital wallets.
  • Monthly wallet fees and activation or KYC fees.
  • Complex fee augmentation – e.g. once a fee is determined a tenant want to split it across different wallets for transaction fees and tax fees.
  • Event based charging for ad hoc events

For more details on advanced fee configuration please refer here.