This document is intended as a guide for any third party product owners or developers intending to integrate with Eclipse as an open, feature rich digital wallet and card issuing platform. Eclipse has an extensive catalog of API’s available for tenants to manage the lifecycle of an Eclipse Customer from onboarding through to wallet creation, card issuing, topping up, wallet transfers, withdrawals and so forth.

The document refers to the Eclipse Sandbox environment for all examples and anyone can access this environment and start to code against the Eclipse API’s for POC’s, demonstrations and testing.

About Eclipse


About Eclipse

Eclipse is a multi-tenant cloud-based API and associated admin console for enabling Banks, FinTech's and Telecom Operators to build flexible and compelling financial services propositions across the globe. Eclipse is in no way associated with the Eclipse foundation nor the Eclipse IDE. The naming is a pure coincidence.

Eclipse is built and operated by uKheshe Technologies based on hundreds of man-years of experience in the financial services, telecoms and payments arena. The goal of the platform is to provide a set of powerful API’s covering everything from customer & organization management to digital wallets, payment gateways, card issuing, card acceptance, bank integration, authentication, KYC, QR-Code acceptance/payments and numerous other capabilities required by most Fintech propositions.

The platform allows one to focus on product differentiation and time to market while Eclipse takes care of the heavy lifting, partner integrations and ensuring a bullet-proof, scalable, cloud-based platform to leverage in one's own offerings. While normally rolling out a proposition involving digital wallets, card issuing and acceptance, payment gateways etc. requires a myriad of compliance and technical hurdles. Eclipse takes care of this and separates the engine room of payments and card management from the end-user channels and propositions. Whether it’s a rewards platform, online-auction App, corporate card issuing, WhatsApp based digital wallet or anything in between, Eclipse provides the building blocks necessary to delight one's customers.

While Eclipse can be used as a pure API-first platform, uKheshe Technologies can also provide professional services and custom software development to help FinTech's build and operate propositions on top of Eclipse. There are 3 key approaches to engaging with Eclipse/uKheshe:

  1. A high-touch model where uKheshe can use the Eclipse API’s and other technologies to build customer facing propositions for the tenant.

  2. A medium-touch model where a tenant builds their own solutions using the Eclipse platform.

  3. A low touch model where uKheshe Technologies acts as a consultant/partner in aiding an organisation to build their own integrations into some of the platforms underlying Eclipse (E.g. MPTS).

  4. An global integrator model where the integrator is not a tenant on the platform but can disburse value from a global wallet of theirs to wallets on any participating tenant.